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Welcome To Adaptive Clothing!

I was inspired to start Adaptive Clothing in an attempt to meet the needs of our elderly.  I spent twenty years in a nursing home environment as a Certified Nurse's Aid and witnessed the difficulties in dressing and caring for nursing home residents. Everyday clothing is not suited for those with arthritis, disabilities, or the need for medical apparatus such as feeding tubes or braces. When someone has experienced a stroke and is paralyzed, the act of getting dressed can be a painful ordeal, both physically and emotionally.

Adaptive Clothing provides clothing that has back snap closures so that both the patient and the care giver have an easier time with dressing.

It is important for people to be able to dress themselves. Nobody likes to be completely dependent on others.  If a person has a specific need, I can design clothing to accommodate that need. I have also designed clothing in attractive styles and bright colors.
I have seen how this has a positive effect on a patient's outlook and attitude. The best part is that no one can tell that these clothes were designed for physically challenged people.

The items on this site show a few of the many styles, patterns, and colors that are available.
If you have a favorite color or special request, just ask us, and we'll do our best to accomodate you.

Our senior population is the back bone of our country; let's take good care of them!

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